We build brands that reflect your mission, values, and vision. Before your audience has heard what those are, they’ll feel it speaking to them from your visual identity, and it will continue to reflect who you are at every touch point, appealing to all of the senses with color, typography, design, voice, tone, and personality in spades!

In spite of doing amazing work for over 100 years, Lund Family Center had an identity problem. To begin the identity redesign, we conducted a comprehensive survey of stakeholders. A number of issues were identified and documented in that process, including the need for a name change. LUND, with a three-word tagline — Hope – Opportunity – Family — is a simple, direct, historically and locally known name. Providing 360° support services to women, children and families, this mission-driven organization is dynamic and full of heart – qualities we portrayed in the new identity, a number of collateral pieces and in Lund’s new headquarters. 

Lund, logo
Lund, historical photo, original Lund house
Lund, office lobby, logo signage behind front desk
Lund, 125 years, 1890-2015, logo
Lund, collection of brochures. Lund, Strong Families, Stronger Communities, brochure. Lund, Adoption Services, brochure. Lund, Child & Family Services, brochure. Lund, Treatment for Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder, brochure.
Lund, Family-Centered Integrated Services, typographic illustration of categories of programs and services being offered.
Lund, collection of social media posts.
Lund, booklets. Lund, booklet, interior spread. Lund, booklet, cover.
Lund, logo animation
Lund, Early Childhood Education Program, branded exterior sign on side of building
Lund, exterior branded front sign, logo
Lund, Pregnant informational brochure. Lund, three brochures fanned out, Learning together, New Horizons Education Program, interior spread.
Lund, Pregnant: Do you know your options?, Ad
Lund, brochures. Lund, Learning Together brochure. Lund, New Horizons Education Program, brochure. Lund, brochure, interior spread.
Lund, brochures. Lund, Independence Place, brochure. Lund, Kids-A-Part, brochure
Lund, brochures. Lund, Residential Services, brochure. Lund, Pregnant & Considering Adoption, brochure.
Lund, mission statement
Lund, bus ad

MamaSezz is the leading whole food plant-based meal delivery company in the U.S. The two women founders are passionate about their products and the benefits of eating a vegan lifestyle for health and well-being. MamaSezz food is delicious and the founders’ ability to build non-judgmental community around vegan food is critical to MamaSezz’ success. Our contribution included the identity design, initial package design for pouches and trays, labeling and collateral.

Mamasezz, Plants Only, Science Strong, logo
Mamasezz, branded elements, Whole Food Plant-Based button, illustrated globe button
Mamasezz, heart beat icon pattern
MamaSezz, collection of products. MamaSezz, Millie's Chili, 28oz pouch, MamaSezz, mama's burger, 12oz tray, MamaSezz, Moroccan stew, 28oz pouch
MamaSezz, Moroccan Stew, 28oz, pouch

The MamaSezz identity system contains a number of graphic elements that can be applied in numerous ways and are easily changeable for a dynamic unique personality.

MamaSezz, brand toolkit
MamaSezz, Mama's Burger, 12oz, package
Mamasezz, logo, branded exterior office sign
Mamasezz, heart beet pattern, natural

For a collection of tableware for nautical lifestyles, we designed a robust identity system, including logo, logomark, a simple yet dynamic color palette, repeating patterns and textures, and a number of graphic elements. An introductory website, collateral and a tradeshow presence set up the brand for success.

Starboard Collection, logo, tagline, Inspired Nautical Living
Starboard Collection, business card
Starboard Collection, logo
Starboard Collection, branded elements, red anchor, American flag button
Starboard, color palette
Starboard Collection, illustrated rope, branded element
Starboard Collection, branded platter, serving tray
Starboard Collection, branded platter, serving tray
Starboard Collection, collection of dinnerware
Starboard Collection, branded tote bag

Product design of the tableware was already established, but our design of the signature tote was a key product contribution.

Starboard Collection, star pattern, branded element
Starboard Collection, collateral, ad
Starboard Collection, website, desktop
Starboard Collection, red dash line, branded element
Lois' Natural Marketplace, branded typographic lockup, hand-drawn font

Lois’ Natural Marketplace is a bustling natural food store with more than 25 years of service to the Portland Maine community. First order of business: an updated identity to include a variety of logo formats, a robust color palette, numerous patterns and Lois’ credo made visual. Store signage and a hand-lettered, illustrated mural followed.

Lois' Natural Marketplace, logos, stacked logo, horizontal logo
Lois' Natural Marketplace store front hanging sign. Lois' Natural Marketplace logo painted on exterior brick wall. Lois' Natural Marketplace, typographic mission statement.
Lois' Natural Marketplace, exterior hanging store sign, logo
Lois' Natural Marketplace, logo, painted on exterior brick wall
Lois' Natural Marketplace, typographic illustration, brand messaging
Lois' Natural Marketplace, typographic illustrations, brand messaging
Lois' Natural Marketplace, typographic illustrations, brand messaging
Lois' Natural Marketplace, branded typographic lockup, hand-drawn font
Lois' Natural Marketplace, t-shirt design, merchandise
Lois' Natural Marketplace, t-shirt design, merchandise