Harvey|Severance is a design and marketing communications studio based in Burlington, VT

Since 2001, we have collaborated with clients to create authentic brand identities, product stories, and marketing collateral across digital and analog platforms. We also enjoy reinvigorating brands that are ready for change. We balance our lives and our business with a mix of values-driven corporate and non-profit clients. Our client list includes renewable energy and energy efficiency brands, as well as skin care, natural food purveyors, and other consumer products.

WE HELP REVEAL THE SOUL OF A BUSINESS.  We believe that the best way to create an authentic brand story is to work closely with our clients. We need to know what inspires them. What they care about. Where they want to go. That's how we start every project.

CHANGE IS GOOD.  Sometimes we start from scratch with a client that isn't quite sure of who they are - or how to get where they want to go. Other times clients come to us with old, tired brand identities that need a little love. No matter what the situation is, we bring in the best team of photographers, copywriters, web developers, printers - anyone we need to create inspiring brand work across all platforms.

GREAT DESIGN MAKES BUSINESSES BETTER.  Everything we do comes down to building better businesses. When we help clients articulate their vision and values, refresh their brands, and invigorate their marketing collateral, every step is connected to business goals.


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Bill was born in New York City, into a family of sisters, with a dad who was a monster creative force in the music industry. Bill Harvey Sr. was the Creative Director and General Manager of Elektra Records, originally a folk label based in New York. When the music industry moved to Los Angeles, Bill moved with his dad and had the opportunity to work and learn on the job with Bill Sr. while also attending college there.

After spending his early years in NYC, LA, San Francisco and Boston, Bill moved to Vermont and began working as the Art Director of the Vanguard Press, a "lefty" weekly newspaper based in Burlington. It wasn't long before Bill and his marketing/writing partner, Rick Witsell started HarveyWitsell, and later HarveyBirdsall, a design studio focused on the sports industry in Vermont. Bill's firm worked with Nordica, Skis Dynastar, Look, Rossignol, Bogner, Vermont entrepreneurs such as BioTek Instruments, and institutions including University of Vermont and Middlebury College.

Bill's next phase of work was book design for W. W. Norton & Co and a number of other national publishers. In addition, he has conceived, developed, and designed books as a book packager, and built strong relationships with researchers, editors, authors, photographers, printers and publishers. Heart & Soul: A Celebration of Black Music Culture is his first independently initiated title and it has been successfully sold in numerous editions. A thirteen title series, The Trailside Complete Guides, along with Outside Magazine Adventure Travel Series of five titles were two very successful book series. Lowes Complete Landscaping, and several other gardening books, a few more music and photography books, and Lake Champlain, An Illustrated History followed. Bill has an amazing ability to corral a huge amount of diverse content into a rational, accessible, readable, beautiful format.


Born under the sign of Gemini, but on the cusp of Cancer, Lyn has always had multiple strong and often contradictory influences of the Twins and the Moon. City - Country; Black - White; Rollicking - Quiet; Bold - Detailed; Childlike - Grown-up; Metal - Paper; Monochromatic - Primary Colors; Chunky - Smooth; all the contradictions that provide a perfect foundation for a designer.

Growing up in Vermont next to her grandfather's dairy farm, Lyn made "stuff" and doodled type. A brief stint as a metalsmithing major at Syracuse University effectively eliminated that career path. While studying abroad in Scotland, Lyn took a few classes in textile design and calligraphy. It was here that she realized type, illustration, color, and design were her true passions. Upon returning to the States, Lyn went to Parsons The New School for Design in New York City to study Communication Design, fell in love with the intensity of the city, but did long for Vermont.

Early freelance clients in Burlington were two guys who had just opened an ice cream shop - Ben and Jerry. In her 18-year tenure with Ben & Jerry's, from its launch in an old gas station to its adulthood as a global company, Lyn's style of illustration, hand-lettering, creative direction, and her ability to capture the zeitgeist, set the look that helped drive Ben & Jerry's success.

Lyn's strengths lie in her ability to combine business objectives and marketing needs with unique design solutions, unstudied sophistication, and a strong link to the emotional qualities of the subject. She loves to work with entrepreneurial startups; design packaging for specialty food producers who have so much passion for their products; infuse a company's workplace with visual expression of their mission, values and vision; and collaborate with non-profit organizations to advance their good works.

After designing for 35 years, Lyn still likes ice cream (NY Super Fudge Chunk, this week), still doodles type and patterns, and believes, more than ever, that design can change the world.